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Posted on 02 June 2017

The wave riders represent a diverse culture, having an emotional and spiritual bonding with this water sport. Some set records whilst riding massive waves of 50 feet or above and max 60 km speed per hour.

Despite the lethal casualties that may occur while riding the waves, the adrenaline rush while paddling and riding the waves makes every swimmer want to try this jolly sport.

There are a range of Surfboards from short boards to the hybrid boards, for beginners to pros, from size to weight. 


 Surfing is a lifestyle as much as it is a sport, and both surfing and fashion involve progressive thinking and restraint. However, the sport now represents a multi-billion dollar industry, especially in Clothing and Fashion. 

Most surfers prefer wearing a wetsuit because of cold ocean water, a wetsuit cannot be worn loose, fit guys and girls nail it though! Contrary to the popular belief of wearing a wetsuit while surfing, most of the surfers wear clothes they are comfortable with, mostly full sleeves to prevent skin from rashes and sunburns.

Some of the chosen wear worn by the surfers which would help anybody slay the surf look any day at the beach,


Surfers off the beach rock a t-shirt, a vest, or shirtless, with a pair of shorts, shades, and flip flops. Surfers while riding the waves wear the wetsuit with surf booties, while few wear just a pair of comfortable surf shorts.

Attiitude.com has insane rare designs that gives an extra flavor to look all modish while riding the wave or off the wave at the beach.

Get your tank tees, t-shirts, caps, masks, and bags for the perfect surf party from Attiitude now.



Posted By: Ibrahim Badhusha

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