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How alternative is Alternative fashion?

Posted on 31 July 2016

Alternative fashion: a topic that could drive anyone crazy, even the most prolific fashion journalist. But what is actually alternative fashion means? It has a broad spectrum of different categories, styles and characteristics that alternative fashionistas follow. It could mean certain styles, colors and shapes to one person and to another it could mean anything that is not mainstream. But let’s get down to the nitty gritty and see what ‘alternative’ style really is...   Fashion will always mean different things to different people with regards to personal attitudes towards concepts such as individuality, consumerism, social constructs on behaviour, self-expression, and/or disenfranchisement with what is viewed as "normal" society. But if you are looking at ‘alternative’ fashion you invariably start looking at alternative music, subcultures, gangs, lifestyles and life choices as well as clothing and styling. These subcultures have an array of different style categories for various alternative fashion lovers everywhere. These are Grunge, Goth, Urban/Street, Steampunk, Punk, Hipster and many more. Although alternative fashion encompasses many different genres; each style, at least for a time, stood apart from the mainstream and the mass appeal of commercial fashion.  Members of these subcultures have been related to a disinterest in common moral order; a revolt against the structure, social class, and attitudes towards mass production and behaviour restrictions. But in today’s date, these styles have begun as a revolt against the mainstream, a popular trend that is common in the fashion world. But not to forget Alternative fashion is all about expressing who you are, not fitting into a category. Whether your reasons are politically based or simply comfort preferences, alternative fashion allows you to decide what you wear instead of being force fed a new style by mainstream media.

  The most appealing feature of alternative fashion is that, unlike mainstream fashion, its root influences never change. If you are into the fashion because you appreciate the lifestyle and the art, you can dress in those styles long after the trend fades.

Posted By: Paromita Roy

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